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バイオマスチェーンを目指してWOOD PELLET, WOOD CHIP, PALM KERNEL SHELLを開発、製造、品質管理、輸出入実務、燃焼利用、灰の活用など、すべての工程で、調和と信頼のおける、チェーンコーデネーターとして、地球規模でリサイクルします。

また、安価で疾病の心配のない、家畜福祉に応える敷き料 の各種素材を、大量に供給いたします。製材工場の副産物利用、FSC森林認証、植林の造成と活用、長期の持続的供給、バイオマス利用現場への、輸送コスト最適、燃焼効率最大、CO2排出最小を目指します。



Shinnen Corporation Limited (Japan) is committed to creating sustainable, renewable energy solutions. Our current research project focuses on developing biomass power plants that use organic materials to generate energy. By producing high-quality wood pellets and biochar, we are able to provide reliable and efficient biomass solutions that meet the growing demand for clean energy sources.

At Shinnen Corporation Limited (Japan), we are always looking towards the future. Our upcoming research project will focus on exploring new ways to utilize organic materials for energy generation, with a focus on reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Our ongoing research project is dedicated to improving the efficiency and reliability of biomass power plants. By constantly refining our processes and technologies, we are able to provide even more effective biomass solutions for our customers.



Shinnen Corporation Limited, based in Japan, is a reputable supplier of wood pellets specifically designed for animal bedding. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, they provide a reliable and eco-friendly solution for animal owners and breeders. The wood pellets offered by Shinnen Corporation Limited are made from high-quality wood materials, ensuring comfort and hygiene for animals.

These pellets are carefully processed to eliminate any harmful substances, making them safe for animals to use. Whether it is for livestock or household pets, Shinnen Corporation Limited's wood pellets are an excellent choice for creating a comfortable and clean bedding environment. With their expertise and dedication, they continue to be a trusted partner for animal bedding solutions in the market.

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With its versatility, Japanese rice can be used in various dishes like rice bowls, stir-fried dishes, or even as a side dish to complement your meal. To ensure the best results, follow a trusted recipe that guides you through the process of cooking Japanese rice to perfection. Enjoy the authentic taste and texture of Japanese rice in your culinary adventures!